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User Guide

AirMedia in the Library

The University Library offers Airmedia wireless presentation technology in 13 of our student study rooms. AirMedia brings presentation, collaboration and content sharing capabilities to our library, enabling anyone to walk into the room, connect to the existing display over Wi-Fi, and wirelessly present HD content from their personal smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

Airmedia is currently available in the following study rooms:

Level 2 - 2122, 2121, 2120, 2119, 2118

Level 3 - 3128, 3127, 3125, 3124, 3123, 3122, 3121, Overlook Lounge



If you require any further assistance using AirMedia, speak to staff at the Info Desk or in the Staff Offices in the library during out staffed hours : 8am-5pm Sunday-Thursday.

Other contact information is available by pressing the Help button on the side panel next to each screen.

If you wish to provide any feedback, please email us at