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Archives and Records Management: FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The Library Copy Center can assist with bulk scanning of paper records (details below) but before starting a scanning project be sure to address all records issues:

  1. if you are not planning to retain the original paper records, consider whether records need to remain in paper form for legal reasons such as the need for preserving original signatures. You may wish to consult with the Office of the General Counsel before beginning an imaging project to confirm any legal implications of scanning paper records; and
  2. scanned records are subject to the retention and disposition rules developed for your area. If the records are going to reach the end of their retention period and be destroyed in the next few years, it may not be worth the time and expense of scanning them compared to the cost of storing and managing paper files. Instead, contact the Archives and Records Management department to store any paper records in the University Archives.

As mentioned, the Library Copy Center can assist with bulk scanning of paper records. Their staff will remove binders/clips/staples, etc., so you don’t need to do that. We have boxes available to pack your records for scanning, if needed. Someone from your department will need to be present at the Copy Center during the scanning to properly name the scanned PDFs. Depending on the size of the job, it make take a few days to complete scanning. It is advisable to contact the Copy Center by email or phone to discuss your schedule with them.

You will also need to fill out a form.

Note that the Copy Center charges a nominal fee for this service. Refer to the pricelist here.

These documents are also available on their webpage:


If you’d like to transfer paper records contact us with details and we can coordinate the transfer. It is advisable to contact us early in your planning stage to allow ample time to incorporate our advice into your plans. We also have boxes available for you to use to pack your records. Note that only standard banker's boxes will be accepted in the Records Center.

To prepare your boxes for transfer, kindly follow our steps below and use our box label template available here.


All boxes need a label. The labels should have the department name, brief description of the contents, filing sequence (if applicable), date range of records, and the box number on transmittal or total number of boxes in the series (e.g. Box 3 of 15). Refer to our template here.


All boxes need a list of so that, going forward, you can quickly locate the box should access be required. A printed copy should be placed inside each box. This will act as a backup if the label is lost or if the original electronic list is misplaced.


We can advise on whether records may be destroyed or need to be permanently preserved. If they may be destroyed, we can coordinate with Waste Management Services for secure bulk destruction. There is no need to spend time on small office shredders!

The steps are as follows:

  • we will liaise with Waste Management to arrange a time;

  • somebody from your department should be present to witness the destruction;

  • you will receive certificates of transfer and destruction from Waste Management so please keep them for your files; and

  • we should also like to maintain copies of those certificates for our records here so we will drop by your office in the days following to make copies.


Contact us by email or phone to arrange a time to access your records.

Acting University Archivist & Records Manager

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