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History of Islamic Science: Videos/Documentaries

Selected List

Sultans of Science Videos: The Golden Age INSITE video repository is a library of video material created for the Museum of Science and Technology in Islam and for the travelling Sultans of Science Exhibition.

1001 inventions and the Library of Secrets : For children and adolescents, this short film based on the exhibition 1001 inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World provides general history of the major scientific and technological accomplishments of Muslim civilizations between the 4th and 14th centuries CE and begins to address the lack of information on this subject.


Islam, Philosophy and Science in Baghdad - Islamic Golden Age Islam:This short 8:48 minute documentary discusses the beginnings of the renaissance in Bagdad through scholars uniting from all over the world (Muslim, Christian and Jewish) in Baghdad at what became known as the center of scholarship—the House of Wisdom.


BBC - What the Ancients Did for Us Islamic Civilization (7 parts): What the Ancients Did for Us is a 2005 BBC documentary series presented by Adam Hart-Davis that examines the impact of ancient civilizations on modern society.  A part of this series was dedicated to explore Muslim contribution to the western world—in art, architecture, astronomy, medicine, science, and learning.

Muslim Heritage: The Muslim Heritage website contains a number of videos pertaining to the subject of Islamic Science.


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