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Chemical and Biological Engineering: Professional Resources

Library resources organised at one place for students, academics and researchers from "Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE)"

Professional Organisations, Associations, Societies for Chemical Engineering

Professional society sites are major sites for news, conferences, career guidance, and guides for internet resources.

Institution of Chemical Engineers

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers

   Society of Chemical Industry

Conferences Search

Funding Search

COS Funding Opportunities Database (Subscribed): available opportunities for grants, fellowships, prizes, and other types of funding—an extensive database with opportunities for recipients anywhere in the world, working in any discipline

GrantsNet: a one-stop resource to find funds for research and training in the sciences—a completely free service

Grants for individuals in Science and Technology: list provided by Michigan State University Librarian

Collaborators Search

Essential Science Indicators by Thomsom Reuters: determines influential individuals, institutions, papers, publications, and countries in your field of study, as well as emerging research areas that could impact your work

COS Scholar Universe: helps identify others who are working in a field

Researcher-ID: a free, global community where researchers connect

Professional Organisations, Associations and Societies for Biological Engineering


Agricultural Engineers Association