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Tutorials & Training from Reaxys

Reaxys from Elsvier provides many training and supports on different topics about how to better use Reaxy, including videos and documents. For more help, you can also check the Reaxys FAQs.

Reaxys Training at KAUST

KAUST Main Library organizes training on Reaxys every semster. To register for library training, please click here

Reaxys Off-Campus

For Reaxys you need to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. Use the link below to download VPN software

  • Download VPN ( Login under your Group with your Portal Credentials).

For further assistance with a VPN, contact or call 910.

Access to Reaxys


Reaxys is a web-based tool for the retrieval of chemistry information and data from published literature including journals and patents. The information includes chemical compounds, chemical reactions, chemical properties, related bibliographic data, substance data with synthesis planning information, as well as experimental procedures from selected journals and patents. It is licensed by Elsevier.

Reaxys access is based upon unique institutional IP address. Access it anytime, anywhere inside our campus.


If you have need further information please contact Stephen Buck (, Subject Specialist for PSE.


Content & Coverage of Reaxys

The content covers more than 200 years of chemistry and has been abstracted from several thousands of journal titles, books and patents. Today the data is drawn from selected journals (400 titles) and chemistry patents, and the excerption process for each reaction or substance data.

Its coverage includes organic, medicinal, synthetic, agro, fine, catalyst, inorganic and process chemistry and provides information on structures, reactions, and citations. With Reaxys you can search Beilstein (Organic), Gmelin (Inorganic and organometallic) and Patent Chemistry databases.

The three databases behind Reaxys interface contains:

  • Selected core chemistry journals(1771-) (organic, organometallic, inorganic chemistry)
  • Selected organic chemistry patent publications(1803-1980)
  • English-language organic chemistry patent publications (WO, US, EP 1976-) from the primary International Patent Class IPC  C07 Organic Chemistry, A61K medicinal Preparations(with C07 as sec. IPC), A01N Biocides, Agrochemicals, C09B Dyes.