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Troubleshooting Electronic Resources


Some e-resources such as PressReader allow only a limited number of simultaneous users. Please wait and try again. However, do email us if you are repeatedly denied access.

Course of Action

Inform users to access such e-resources at a later time.  But if problem persists, see next box:

Follow up Actions

Provide information below to the library:

  • Description of the issue
  • URL of the affected site
    (For example, e-journal article link, ebook chapter link, database link and so forth)
  • Time and Date of access
  • Internet Browser used: eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera etc
  • Version of Internet Browser
  • Location access: eg On or Off campus. If on campus, ask for the exact location

Additional information:

  • Screen Capture of the error message/screen