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AirMedia - Wireless Presentation: Share a Presentation - without software

User Guide

For One-time Use or on Non-KAUST Machines

AirMedia can be accessed online without installing the full program. This is useful for one off usage or if you are not using a KAUST managed machine. If you intend to use AirMedia regularly, please download the full program.

1. Using side control panel, touch to start the system.

2. Once system has loaded and welcome page has appeared on screen, open an internet browser on your computer. Enter the IP address shown at the top of the welcome screen.

3. Click to download AirMedia software for your respective operating system.

4. Run the application. A login screen should then display on screen.

4. Enter the code displayed on the welcome screen in the Code field and click Connect.

5. Use the on screen controls to direct the presentation.

6. After you finish, remember to disconnect from the screen. Also please shutdown the system by pressing the OFF button on the side panel.