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Citation Analysis: Advanced Search in WoS

Explains how to use Web of Science and Scopus to conduct citation analysis.

h-index (or Hirsch index)

Proposed by Jorge E Hirsh in 2005

(Hirsch, J. E. (2005). An index to quantify an individual's scientific research output. Proceedings of the National academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 102(46), 16569-16572.)

Measures the productivity and citation impact of the published work of a researcher, scientist or scholar

h-index (or Hirsch index) = N
where N = no. of papers with N or more citations

Create Alerts

Stay up to date on recently published research by creating email alerts and RSS feeds from your saved search history (you can save search history with a personal WoS account). You can also create citation alerts for individual articles so as to be notified by email when a new publication cites an article you are following.

Advanced Search with Field Tags & Search History

In cases where the Basic Search function may not be enough, you can make use of Field Tag Search in Advanced Search to help retrieve the results you need. You can also work with your search results in sets in Advanced Search.

Searching author h-index

To search for publications by a specific author or to obtain the author h-index, select Author Search as the search option.

Click on Create Citation Report for author h-index.