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Citation Analysis: Managing Results in WoS

Explains how to use Web of Science and Scopus to conduct citation analysis.

Analyze Results

Use Analyze Results to identify prolific authors and track important journals or conferences. You can also analyze results by other fields such as institutions/organizations, countries/territories, year, etc.

To analyze a set of results, click on the Analyze Results link at the top right of the search results page. Select the field data to analyze and state the number of records to display.  Results of the analysis would be displayed in the new window. To view the records, put a check against the checkbox and click View Records.

Create Citation Report

Create Citation Reports in Web of Science to quantify research output by clicking on the Create Citation Report link at the top right of the search results page.(NOTE: Only works for less than 10,000 Records)

The publication and citation trends would be displayed graphically. Statistics for Times Cited, with and without self-citation, average citation and the h-index for articles in this result set are also displayed. To view citing articles for a particular record, click on the link provided.