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EndNote: Using EndNote

Important Note: Find Full Text

Please note that when using "Find Full Text" feature in Endnote, ensure that you are not downloading PDFs in large batches.  

Downloading large batches of pdf articles from the same ejournal title could potentially trigger off a chain of events which may cause access to that particular electronic resources to be affected.  

We recommend users to check that they are not downloading large amount of articles from the same ejournal title and publisher.

Please also take note of our electronic resources usage policy.

Starting Endnote

You can start Endnote from Windows Start Menu.
Click on all Programs > Endnote > Endnote Program.

Creating a new library (file)

From File menu, choose "New" option.

Select the drive / folder destination for your new library.
Click on "Save".

Give a file name to your new library.