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Electronic Resources - Databases, EJournals, Ebooks

Provides information and related topics on electronic resources


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  • F1000Prime
    F1000Prime is an article recommendation service that helps you find the studies that matter. Powered by a faculty of around 8,000 leading researchers in biology and medicine, these Faculty Members provide expert commentary and opinion on the most important articles published in thousands of journals worldwide.
  • Westlaw Gulf
    "Westlaw Gulf will provide you with a wealth of legal information, from legislations and cases from the Middle East to insights into the latest news that affects your industry"--Brochure.
  • Westlaw Academic
    "Collection of news and business information and law related resources. Hoover's company records. Decisions & case law from all state and federal courts. Laws from all state & federal statutes. Federal regulations. American Law Reports. American Jurisprudence 2d. Legal materials from Europe. Law review & legal journal articles."