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Electronic Resources - Databases, EJournals, Ebooks

Provides information and related topics on electronic resources

New E-Resources

Feb 2018

  • WestLaw Gulf
    Westlaw Gulf will provide you with a wealth of legal information, from legislations and cases from the Middle East to insights into the latest news that affects your industry
  • WestLaw Academic
    Collection of news and business information and law related resources. Hoover's company records. Decisions & case law from all state and federal courts. Laws from all state & federal statutes. Federal regulations. American Law Reports. American Jurisprudence 2d. Legal materials from Europe. Law review & legal journal articles.


Jan 2018

  • EarthDoc
    EAGE’s geoscience database, facilitates access to over 64,000 articles from high quality geoscience journals. It also enables access to all event papers presented at EAGE’s events including those of, and in cooperation with, other societies. The user interface offers KAUST a variety of ways to browse the database and find the information you are looking for.