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Mendeley: Adding References

A guide on how to use Mendeley to track and organize your research literature and create in-text citation and reference lists

How to add/import citations/documents into your Mendeley Library

You can add citations/references to your Mendeley Library by adding PDFs in either Mendeley Desktop or Mendeley Web.

To add citations/references to Mendeley Desktop, click on the the down arrow button on the top menu bar. Select Add Files to add a PDF file, or Add Folder to add PDFs in a folder.

To add citations/references to Mendeley Web, click on the blue add button and select Import document. To view the citation on your Mendeley Desktop Library, click the Sync button.


 Remember to review the imported citations/references for accuracy, as sometimes the information may be missing, incomplete or incorrect.

Use the Import to Mendeley button  on your browser to import citation into your Mendeley Web Library. Download link for the Web Importer (bookmarklet) available on the Intro page.


For BrowZine Desktop version, click on the Expand button for the individual article, select Export Citation, and select Mendeley in the drop-down menu.



To import citations/references from the BrowZine app, click on the blue transfer button on the article page. In the pop-up window, select Mendeley. Log in with your Mendeley credentials. Sign up for an account if you have not done so yet. Details available in the Intro page.

To get the BrowZine app, or for more details on BrowZine, go to this News & Magazine page in the Library Quick Tips LibGuide.



In EndNote, select references to be imported into Mendeley. Click File > Export. For file type, select XML.

In Mendeley, click File > Add Files. Locate the file you'd just saved and click Open.

Importing documents into your Library

This video shows you How to import documents into your Library:

1) By dragging PDFs from your desktop to Mendeley;
‚Äč2) From other citation management software (like EndNote); and
3) With the Web Importer (bookmarklet)

Finding and removing duplicates

Use the Check for Duplicates and Merge Documents features to ensure that you Mendeley Library is free of duplicate references.

Find Duplicates shows you how to check for duplicates in your library and how to confirm if the references found are duplicates.

Manually Merging Duplicates hows you how to merge documents manually.