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Mendeley: Collaboration

A guide on how to use Mendeley to track and organize your research literature and create in-text citation and reference lists

Sharing & Collaborating

You can share and collaborate with other researchers who have Mendeley accounts using the Groups feature.

The Groups feature is on the left-hand menu panel. There are several types of groups you can create:

  • Public: Open group for open discussion and reference sharing
  • Invite-only: public group - but only approved members can post
  • Private group: closed discussion and sharing of PDF files

To create a Group, click Create Group.

The Overview navigation tab shows you the recent activities in the group. Use the Document tab to add/view documents shared to the group and the Members tab to manage membership to the group.


Creating and using groups

This video shows you how to create and use groups in Mendeley.

Note: This video was released by Mendeley in 2011. The interface for Mendeley may look different from newer versions in use now.