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Data Reproducibility Workshop: Course Materials & Resources

Extending the lifeline of data and its analysis - to ensure FAIR science

Links to resources

Resources from session 1 - Electronic protocols and lab books:

Resources from session 2 - Power analysis and experimental design

Resources from session 3 - Data management & Open Data


Other data repositories: 

  • DataDryad - curated repository, free to access, 120 USD to publish dataset up to 20GB 
  • Zenodo - free digital repository, 50GB per dataset limit 
  • Figshare - free digital repository, 5GB per file limit

Resources from session 4 - Reproducible analysis pipelines

Resources from session 5 - Version control using Git & GitHub 

Resources from session 6 - Statistics refresher

Resources from session 7 - Data visualization

Resources from session 8 - Peer review, preprints & publication

Video recordings

The video recordings from individual sessions are available here

Codes used for individual sessions