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Archives and Records Management: SharePoint & Office 365

Overview of SharePoint and Office365

Microsoft Office 365 is KAUST’s chosen suite of tools:

  • SharePoint is intended for team collaboration and communication
  • OneDrive can be synced with your Documents folder (see KAUST IT's guide for Windows and guide for Mac)
    • OneDrive also offers convenient remote access to all your local work across all synced computers

In contrast, departments using KAUST’s network drive have limited sharing options, no versioning control, and no ability to add metadata to improve discoverability and improve records retrievability and reuse.

KAUST IT has developed a helpful guide to explain the difference between the SharePoint and OneDrive.

It is recommend that you use OneDrive as a “drop box”, where needed (thereby keeping KAUST records on KAUST servers). 

In any event, remember that if you save files to a computer drive you should contact IT to make sure your computer is backed up via approved tools (such as Druva inSync).

Also, remember to save emails or attachments that are records to your department’s preferred location so others may access the files. If you are not sure if should save it, consult "What Should I File in SharePoint" and "Is Your Recorded Information a Record"? You may also find this general guide on how to manage your email helpful.

KAUST IT provides helpful guides for you to sync your SharePoint files with your computer (guide for Windows and guide for Mac). This is recommended and extremely helpful to manage your files (though it also shows how important it is to name your files well!).

We've developed some resources and tip sheets that may assist you in using SharePoint: