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EndNote: Introduction

Important Note: Find Full Text

Please note that when using "Find Full Text" feature in Endnote, ensure that you are not downloading PDFs in large batches.  

Downloading large batches of pdf articles from the same ejournal title could potentially trigger off a chain of events which may cause access to that particular electronic resources to be affected.  

We recommend users to check that they are not downloading large amount of articles from the same ejournal title and publisher.

Please also take note of our electronic resources usage policy.

Introduction to EndNote

EndNote is citation management software used for organizing your references (PDF, images, Word doc., Excel spreadsheet, WAV files etc.), managing and storing your references in a single file and creating instant bibliographies in Microsoft Word.

During your research and literature review process, you may have gathered numerous references from a myriad of resources such as printed materials as well as electronic journals, electronic books and online databases.  Keeping track of all these references can be a challenging task if you intend to type/write them down or use index cards.

Endnote can help you in overcoming this problem.  These are a number of features available in the software:

  • organize reference images, PDFs and other files
  • import and search PDFs
  • attach and store files together with the respective citations
  • sort your citations
  • create instant  bibliographies in MS Word

EndNote Training on YouTube

If you prefer to learn by watching videos this is a great starting point


EndNote Class notes - Windows

Step by step class notes for EndNote (in Windows) can be found here:


EndNote Class Notes - Mac OS

Step by step class notes for EndNote on Mac OS can be found here: