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Looking for New Technologies

Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) is the European Commission's primary public repository and portal to disseminate information on all EU funded research projects.  It includes all public information (project factsheets, publishable reports and deliverables), editorial content to support communication and comprehensive links to external sources such as open access publications and websites.

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) brings together support organizations from 50+ countries to help small business find business opportunities in the EU.

UK Catapult Centers are centers that work on late stage UK research and development to transform research into potential new products and services.  The nine Catapult Centers are Cell Therapy, Digital, Energy Systems, Future Cities, High Value Manufacturing, Offshore Renewable Energy, Precision Medicine, Satellite Applications and Transport Systems.


Knowedge@Wharton is the (FREE) online research and analysis journal of the Wharton School (UPenn).  It has evolved into a network of websites with 2+ million subscribers worldwide.  It includes 4 regional editions published in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic.  It includes content from the school's academic departments and research centers, featuring articles based on research papers (often with links to the original paper), abstracts of research papers, book reviews, author interviews, analysis of current business issues, a searchable database of business research and more.

R&D Daily  is a  free daily e-newsletter with brief information on recent research developments.



Market Research

In-depth global industry reports, with expert summary reports and specialized reports on niche industries.

Free Academic Business Resources

Global Resource Directory

This directory from globalEDGE at Michigan State University serves as a digital library to several thousand high-quality online global business resources. Many, (but not all) of its resources are freely available and would be challenging to locate by other means. Excellent site organization makes it fairly easy to find resources to meet specific informational needs within a few clicks. The main page displays 22 subtopics categorized under four main topics: Research, Trade, Current Topics in IB [International Business], and Reference. Resources identified as superior have a "globalEDGE Recommended" logo, are highlighted in blue, and appear at the top of entry lists. Each entry furnishes a brief annotation and a review date issued by globalEDGE. Most resources have been reviewed within the last 12 months. A notable section of the site is the Multi-Country subheading under Research, which provides access to country profile resources, including a popular in-house product titled globalEDGE Country Insights; this product also provides quick access to Country Comparator and Country Ranking tools and relevant globalEDGE blog articles and links. Other impressive sections are the "Culture", "Travel/Living Abroad", and "Trade Leads" sections, which contain approximately 30 resources each. Resources are continually being added, and the overall site is continuously being improved.
From  2012 Aug CHOICE Reviews



Company Information - Publicly Traded Companies

Consult a Canadian company’s annual reports for environmental factors affecting its respective market.

‚ÄčReview annual reports of a U.S. company.

Starting Your Own Business? a free resources for entrepreneurs sponsored by the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

"Starting a Business" a free online course (15 modules)

"Business Expansion" a free online course (15 modules)

"My Own Business" offers an extensive 16-part free online course on starting and growing a small business.

SME Toolkit offers free software, business forms, interactive tools, training and other resources useful to small business owners.

Harvard Business School Entrepreneurship Resources: Harvard Business School makes a vetted collection of top-quality resources available.

Inc. MagazineInc. Magazine is another popular publication for entrepreneurs that is available both in print and online.

Compilation of Entrepreneur Resources: This page from MIT showcases a variety of great informational assets for entrepreneurs.

Business Trends

Visit and to identify the key trends of your market.

Set-up Google Alerts using the name of your industry and the phrase “consumer trends” to keep up-to-date on any new trends identified. You could also set up alert for your main competitors.

Explore Google Trends to discover what Google users are searching for.