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Business Resources: Entrepreneurship at KAUST

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More on Entrepreneurship at KAUST

IED Entrepreneurship Course at KAUST -- New Venture and Product Innovation


To better support the IED 210 course, we created a more detailed guide:


Taqadam Startup Accelerator

Books and e-Books

Innovation and Economics Development at KAUST

Who is who in Innovation and Economic Development in KAUST?

List of KAUST Start-ups

To learn more about our Innovation and Economic Development please check their website.

Technology Transfer Journals


The Journal of Technology Transfer

"an international forum for the exchange of ideas that enhance and build an understanding of the practice of technology transfer. In particular, it emphasizes research on management practices and strategies for technology transfer


les Nouvelles 

Issued by the LES International (LESI),  the umbrella organization of national and regional associations for licensing executives. Previous issues are available on the links on the left.


The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice


Spinoff (NASA)

Highlights over 2,000 spinoffs of NASA's technologies since the publication began in 1076.


Comparative Technology Transfer and Society 

"an interdisciplinary, international journal that links researchers and scholars who share an interest in the process, nature, significance, and implications of technology transfer. The journal is a forum for analytical and comparative articles, essays, case-studies, and book reviews on such topics as innovation and research, intellectual property, entrepreneurship, and products."