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What is Yewno?

Yewno is a conceptual mapping tool that allows you to explore the relationship between different concepts you are searching for, and to discover new, related concepts that you might not have known about. Conceptual relationships are mapped in Yewno based on automated semantic analysis of a knowledge base of more that 120 million scholarly communication documents: journals, books and thesis .

This is a powerful tool for generating search terms to use in other databases, and for studying the conceptual territory around any topic. It also allows you to discover and access documents based on the concepts you select. 

You can access Yewno Discover here, or via the tab on the Library Home Page; alternatively enter "Yewno" under "Databases" on the KAUST Library website <>.

How does Yewno work?

Unlike traditional search, which strives to provide the singular relevant answer as quickly as possible, Yewno enables the connection of multiple concepts and information.

View this video  to see how Yewno works.


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