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KAUST Library - Community Resources: Overdrive/Libby Magazines, Comics, and Graphic Novels

This guide details the resources available to all members of the KAUST Community for the purposes of relaxation, enjoyment, self-improvement and education

Overdrive and the Libby App

Please note that OverDrive/Libby does not use the KAUST VPN or IP address to get access.  Instead, you need to use your KAUST ID number as your “Library Card Number.”  You will borrow items through the Overdrive website and/or the Libby App and then you are able to read your favorite material.  You can borrow a magazine for 7 days and a comic/graphic novel for 21 days, and you can borrow up to 3 items at any one time.  OverDrive/Libby materials are available to anyone with a valid KAUST ID and they have an active Library account.

There are two ways of accessing the KAUST Library's Overdrive/Libby collections.  Overdrive is the name of the web version, and Libby is the name of Overdrive's app.


Use the following link to access our current Overdrive subscription:   Once on the Overdrive website, you need to Sign In using your KAUST ID (this is your Library Card Number) in order to borrow the Overdrive magazines, comics, and graphic novels.

Overdrive Login Using KAUST ID


Download the Libby App (by Overdrive) from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store: 

Libby App

Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to get your app set up with your KAUST Community Library Account. 

Step one is to answer "Yes" to the question about your library card:

Step two is to find KAUST in their system.  Click on the link for "I'll Search For A Library":

Step three: On this page, search for KAUST, and then select the KAUST Library:

Step four:  Once you are on the KAUST Library page, you can browse our subscribed collections and then borrow magazines, comics, and graphic novels.  Your Library Card number is your KAUST ID number, so enter this when prompted and you will be able to borrow and use these collections.OverDrive/Libby materials are available to anyone with a valid KAUST ID and they have an active Library account.

If you have questions, please contact