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Research Data Management : Data Sharing: Dryad

This guide is aimed at assisting researchers in making the choice to share your data, prepare for it and select the appropriate repository to do so.

Membership in Dryad

The University Library is excited to announce that we have joined the not-for-profit, community-governed data repository service Dryad as an institutional member. This means that KAUST researchers can deposit to Dryad without paying additional data publishing charges or limiting submissions to data related to articles in Dryad associated journalsDryad is unique among general purpose data repositories in that every submitted dataset goes through a curation process to help researchers organize and document their data in a way that will make it easier to re-use.

How to get started?

  1. Log in to the Dryad platform is via ORCID.



  1. If you don’t yet have an ORCID iD, create one first through the ORCID at KAUST tool (intranet only)
  2. After logging in to Dryad you will need to select KAUST from the list of member institutions

  1. After completing KAUST login the KAUST logo will appear on the page alongside the Dryad logo. Now, any new submissions you make will be supported by KAUST’s membership.


How to prepare a data deposit?

The Dryad best practices guide will help you think through how to organize and document your data in a way that will enhance its usefulness for others. Once you make your submission Dryad curators will also help you identify ways to improve it before finally making it public.

Not sure if Dryad is right for your data?

Check out the library’s data sharing libguide for information about other options, or email with your questions.