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KAUST Library ePoster Service: Home

This guide is intended to assist conference organizers at KAUST who want to use ePoster service for their poster competition.

KAUST Library ePoster Service

KAUST University Library has introduced its new ePoster service, rolled out in collaboration with Campus IT department. This new service enables KAUST conference organizers to use  state-of-the-art digital technology for poster sessions - including poster submission, digital display, preservation and competitions. University Library is eliminating printed posters and displays, in support of digital campus concept.

The service includes:

  • access to online submission and display platform (KAUST ePosterlive)

  • display through BenQ 65 inch 4K touch screens, offering full-zoom, and many multimedia functionalities

  • poster session website (possibility of time and location limitations)

  • preservation of posters to KAUST research repository

The online platform chosen (ePostersonline) manages, promotes and supports poster competitions until the day of the event and beyond, as posters remain accessible on a dedicated event website before being preserved in the KAUST research repository. We ensure that posters are preserved and support open access to scientific knowledge.

Past ePoster events that have been run by the KAUST Library can  be viewed from a dedicated page here.

For information, questions or to provide feedback, please contact;

Eman Afandi, or Garry Hall via email: 

NB: Public online display of eposters are subjected to author permission.


"To be candid, we are thrilled with the opportunity to use the E-poster system.  The technology is one thing.  The web archive is perhaps even more significant for the mainly young or remote authors at our meeting.  Posters are not "second place" entries here.  One could even argue that they have a better archival life and better production value than the talks."

David Keyes
Senior Associate to the President, Office of the President;.  commenting on the IXPUG-ME Conference, April 2018 which featured ePosters


If you require any further information about ePosters, speak to staff at the Info Desk or in the Staff Offices in the library during staffed hours : 8am-5pm Sunday-Thursday. They will direct you to the staff who manage and support the service; alternatively email with your contact details and one of the staff will respond directly.