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About this Library Guide

This is a KAUST University Library Subject Guide. It provides easy navigation and access to KAUST library resources by providing the most useful links and resources in this subject area.

Contents of this Library Subject Guide:

  • Home (this page) : the latest news in this subject area
  • Databases : links to major databases to find journal articles; some databases also provide patents, conference proceedings, research reports, theses and dissertations, and statistics and figures
  • Journals :  top journals in this subject area
  • Books : links to selected reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals, and handbooks) as well as selected textbooks
  • Research Help : literature search training, academic writing, links to Help and Support 
  • Other Resources : Links to Professional Organizations and Societies, Conference and Funding Search and RSS feeds

This guide is created and maintained by Lee Yen Han. For assistance in using the library resources, or conducting literature research, contact me via the Email Me link in the box on the right. All suggestions, additions, or comments to this subject guide are welcome.

Marine Science at KAUST

Marine Science focuses on the Red Sea—one of the most complex, diverse, and underexplored ecosystems in the world. Because of its location, the Red Sea contains some of the northernmost coral reefs in the world, which have adapted to high temperatures and salinity and hold potential cures for coral diseases like bleaching in other marine environments. The program’s goal is to impact areas such as global carbon cycling, endangered species, and the harvesting of food from the oceans, through an integrated understanding of this ecosystem.

The program covers subjects like marine life, marine microbiology, pelagic ecology, molecular ecology, and marine resource conservation.

For more details, visit the Biological and Environmental Sciences & Engineering Division website, for program curricula visit the Marine Science Program website.

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