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Welcome to University Library Training Page

Library Trainings Spring 2019

University Library offers workshops to help members of the KAUST community get the most from the University’s wide array of information resources and technology tools and to aid students and researchers in achieving success with their studies and research.

Each class has a maximum capacity of 30 participants. All training sessions will be held at the computer lab, level 3, Library [Bldg 12]. Classes are open to the entire KAUST community, but seating is limited.

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Postdocs and Research Scientists - Scientific Writing Support

The Research Publication Services supports faculty members for preparing presentation and publication of their research, which includes editing, proofing text, improving the graphics (illustrations, TOC images, journal covers, etc.) and plagiarism prevention through iThenticate. They also offer the course "Communicating Science: Scientific Writing Course for Postdocs and Research Scientists" time to time. Please refer to the Course details.

Library Specialist Service

Need Personalized Research Help?

For help in literature searching or using University Library resources and databases, training needs, please contact one of the Specialist Librarians listed below:

  • Physical Sciences, Engineering, EndNote & Effective Literature Search - Mr. Stephen Buck, Access Services Lead (stephen.buck sa)
  • Maths, Computer Sciences, Patents & Business resources - Ms. Janis Tyhurst, Senior CEMSE Subject Specialist (janis.tyhurst sa)
  • Biological and Life Sciences, Plagiarism - Ms. Lee Yen HAN, BESE Subject Specialist (leeyen.han sa)
  • Bibliometrics, research impact, suggestions and complaints related to library training program - Mrs.Gordana Latinovic-Rauski - Manager, Collections and Information Services, (
  • Digital Repository, KAUST Theses, ORCiD, PLUMx -  Mr. Mohamed  Ba-Essa, Manager Systems and Digital Services, (mohamed.baessa@KAUST. EDU. SA)
  • Dr. J. K. Vijayakumar (Vijay), Library Director (janardhanan.vijayakumar sa)

Office Location: Level 3, University Library (Building 12).

Questions and training requests can be send to library@KAUST.EDU.SA.

Using Library for your Events: Rooms and Facilities

Our award winning University Library Building is also a place for gathering and learning, and we are trying to serves this function by providing informal settings for the KAUST community to share thoughts and ideas. Described as the iconic part of our campus, well placed at the center of the academic campus, there are many academic and community events held every day at the Library.

View all events happening in the University Library from the Library Website.

To organise and event or to reserve the Sea View Room, Computer Lab and Grand Sea View Reading Hall, please email:

Please note the following guidelines for holding an event in the University Library:

  • All events proposals should have secured an official approval from KAUST MARCOM Department in advance.
  • To arrange for furniture to be moved and/or alternative furniture supplied please contact Event Support team. The space should be set back for normal library use within 24 hours after the event.
  • For catering arrangements you will need to contact Tamimi. In support of environmental stewardship, please request only reusable cutlery, crockery and containers.
  • Please contact IT Services, if any presentation equipment or other IT equipment is required. If the desktops in the Sea side area are going to be moved then IT Services must be asked to do this.
  •  “KAUST University Library” should be always used as the event location in all your marketing materials, announcements, news items and social media promotions.
  • No events will be allowed in the Library during University Semester Exam weeks and 3 weeks prior to it.
  • If sound systems are used, make sure the audio level is maintained to a minimum suitable within the area of your event. We need to be considerate of library users studying in other areas of the Library.
  • University Library’s Archives will be happy to include any promotional material in support of your event to keep as a permanent record of your special event, please write to us.