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Instructions for KAUST graduate students on how to obtain their textbooks from KAUST.

How to Purchase Print Textbooks from KAUST

Follow this 3-step process to get your print textbooks

1.   Order Spring 2019 textbooks online from the KAUST Portal ( starting from January 27 2019.

2.   After you have placed your order online, you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail listing the books you have requested.

3.   The following business day, you will receive a second email scheduling a time when you may pick up your order from:
University Library, Staff Offices (Level 3) during 12 noon to 2 PM on business days.


  • Order online at least one day in advance of pickup.
  • All textbook requests must be entered via the KAUST Portal. No walk-in orders.
  • The cost of your textbooks will be deducted from your student stipend.  
  • Examination copies of textbooks are available in the Reserves area of the University Library. These are for in-library use only; they may not leave the library.
  • Textbook purchased can be returned until  February 7 2019. Returned books must be in resalable condition.
  • Books purchased after Textbook sale period can not be returned.
  • SALE PERIOD: Jan 27 2019 - February 7 2019 (Sun-Thurs 12.00 – 2.00pm).
  • Print copies are usually not sold, if e-version is available.
  • E-book usage is subjected to Library E-Resource usage policy.

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Spring Textbooks 2019

Course ID Textbook Title Instructor Name Available as                         Price $  
Closed Reserves  E-book Purchase  
AMCS 252 Finite difference methods Matteo Parsani Yes   Yes 70  
AMCS 235 The Elements of Integration and Lebesgue Measure Athanasios Tzavaras   AV   0  
AMCS 107 Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists  Maria Alexandra Gomes Yes     0  
AMCS 162 Discrete Mathematics Malek Smaoui Yes   Yes 50  
AMCS 202 Advanced engineering mathematics Maria Alexandra Gomes Yes     140  
CS 361 Combinatorial Machine Learning Mikhail Moshkov   AV   0  
CS 161 Operating System Concepts  Malek Smaoui Yes   Yes 145  
CS 247 Data Visualization: Principles and Practice Markus Hadwiger Yes   Yes 80  
CS 247 Real-Time Volume Graphics Markus Hadwiger Yes     0  
EE 355 Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing V1 Tareq Al-Naffouri Yes   Yes 110  
EE 355 Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing V Tareq Al-Naffouri Yes   Yes 115  
EnSE 310 Physical Chemistry of Surfaces Suzana Pereira Nunes Yes   Yes 120  
ERPE 390 Elements of petroleum geology Abdulkader Musa Alafifi Yes   Yes 90  
ERPE 390 Petroleum geoscience Abdulkader Musa Alafifi Yes     0  
ErSE 209 Thermodynamics and Applications of Hydrocarbons Energy Production  Shuyu Sun Yes   Yes 119  
ErSE 213 Parameter Estimation and Inverse Problems Ibrahim Hoteit Yes   Yes 95  
ME 211A Applied Mechanics of Solids Gilles Henn Fernard Lubineau Yes   Yes 90  
MSE 100 University Physics with Modern Physics  Christos Chatzichristidis Yes   Yes 200  
MSE 230 The physics of solar cells Husam Niman Alshareef Yes     0  
MSE 230 Sustainable energy--without the hot air Husam Niman Alshareef Yes     0  
MSE 230 Advanced batteries : materials science aspects Husam Niman Alshareef Yes     0  
MSE 394 Many-Body Quantum Theory in Condensed Matter Physics Aurelien Christophe Francois Manchon Yes   Yes 90  
STAT 240 The BUGS book  Haavard Rue Yes   Yes 49  
STAT 290C Design and Analysis of Experiments with R Marco Scavino Yes   Yes 130  
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E-textbooks for this semester 2019

Course ID

Textbooks Title

Instructor Name


AMCS 235

The Elements of Integration and Lebesgue Measure

Athanasios Tzavaras

CS 361

Combinatorial Machine Learning

Mikhail Moshkov